LETTER: MP missing the boat in criticism of Tories

By Contributor
April 23rd, 2011

Dear Editor:

Throughout the current election campaign, (including  the Castlegar All Candidates forum), NDP candidate Atamanenko has railed against ‘the Harper government’s’ lack of co-operation, their ‘inability to compromise’, and to simply ‘get along with others

Yet he fails to acknowledge or explain how – if the Conservatives are really so bad at working with other parties – how is it then that they have managed to stay in power in a minority parliament for so long?

Surely it is impossible for a minority party to govern for long WITHOUT demonstrating an ability to work with the other parties who, by virtue of their majorities, can defeat them at any time.

Yet the Conservatives have managed to retain the confidence of the House for not one, not two, not three, they have had the ‘confidence’ and support  of 

the other parties to govern for fully FIVE years     the longest serving  minority government in Canadian history!

Clearly this is prima facie evidence that the Conservatives CAN and DO work with other parties, and are not the unco-operative, uncompromising boors our disingenuous (I use that adjective advisedly) candidate Atamenenko would have us believe.


J. Murray


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