Millennium Pond 1 once again open to public

City of Castlegar
By City of Castlegar
August 24th, 2017

The City would like to let the public know that Millennium Pond 1 withinMillennium Park is now open again and ready for use. Pond 1 was closed due to water quality issues related to geese that had frequented the pond. Before re-opening the pond, the City installed several deterrents that are designed to discourage use of the ponds by waterfowl. In addition, the pond was treated and then dechlorinated prior to being opened again for public use.

The City regularly tests the water quality of the Millennium Ponds and submits the results to Interior Health Authority (IHA) officials for review.

IHfollows the recreational water quality criteria recommended by the Canadian Recreational Water Guidelines.

Recreational water is considered safe if the geometric mean of results is under 200 E.coli/100mL. Should the geometric mean of test results exceed 200 E.coli/100 mL, or a single sample exceed 400 E.coli/100 ML, then the beach or pond may be closed until the water quality improves.

The most recent results of the Millennium Ponds are well under IHA standards and are as follows:

Pond 1- Offline

Pond 2– 0 E.coli/100ml

Pond 3 – 8 E.coli/100ml

The City would like to thank the public for their patience while maintenance has been performed at the ponds.

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