Two Evenings Inspiring Change Shaped by the Columbia River

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November 6th, 2023

After 25 years of writing and thinking about the upper Columbia River landscape and its complex Indigenous history, Eileen Delehanty Pearkes will speak about how following her passion has transformed her during “Two Worlds, One Heart” at the Capitol Theatre on Nov. 14th at 7:30 p.m.

What were the obstacles in writing about “extinct” people?

What have the ancestral and living Sinixt people taught her in the process?

What are the opportunities for settlers who are now welcoming the Sinixt home?

From Pearkes’ surprise 1998 discovery of the nearly lost story of the Sinixt, to the 2021 Desautel case and the recent establishment of a permanent Sinixt office, Pearkes has had a front-row seat.

As a friend of the tribe, she has watched the Sinixt pursue their rights with diligence and dignity, and tracked the dawn of broader public awakening to the value of Indigenous perspectives.

Pearkes has learned lessons of betrayal, trust, persistence, love and belonging – all in ways that she could not have imagined when she arrived in Nelson in 1994.

Pearkes will share some of those stories and lessons with the community and ask: What next?

The following evening on Nov. 15th at 7:30 p.m. will be a similarly engaging community experience with the 60-minute film, “Changing Course” and a follow-up panel discussion, “Shaped by the River”.

The documentary film by producer Jon O’Riordan features stunning footage by Nelson-based filmmaker Bohdan Doval showcasing the significance of water, salmon, and culture tied to British Columbia’s Columbia River. Featuring interviews with First Nation and community leaders, it highlights the river’s historic importance and how major dams for flood control and hydropower impacted it dramatically.

As climate change affects the river, reconnecting it with nature through the Columbia River Treaty renegotiation between Canada and the United States is crucial to revitalizing its ecosystem health.

“Shaped by the River” panel discussion will follow immediately after the screening with panelists Eileen Delehanty Pearkes joined by Jan Inglis (independent educator, scholar, and practitioner who has written and presented widely on systemic change and public engagement especially related to climate change), Greg Utzig (conservation ecologist and land use planning consultant), and Herb Alex (Senior Sinixt Policy Analyst).

This conversation moderated by Allison Girvan will focus on the themes in the film to spark community discourse on how we are shaped by the earth around us and how we have impacted the past, and are impacting the present and future quality of life in this place we call home.

“Two Worlds, One Heart” on Nov. 14th is admission by donation and “Changing Course/Shaped by the River” on Nov. 15th is $10.

Reserve your seats for either or both evenings by calling the box office at 250-352-6363 or online at capitoltheatre.ca

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