Teck Trail Operations Assessed Penalty

Teck Trail Operations Assessed Penalty

Teck Metals Ltd. (Teck) has been assessed a penalty in relation to five charges under the Fisheries and Environmental Management Acts relating to incidents at Teck Trail Operations between November 2013 and February 2015. A portion of the penalty will be designated for local environmental conservation funds.

Penticton's Got Game — 2016 BC Winter Games Welcomes 1,200 athletes

Penticton is once again ready to welcome athletes, coaches, officials and visitors from across British Columbia to the BC Winter Games.

Ready . . . set . . .British Columbia’s best young athletes, along with their coaches and officials have gathered in the City of Penticton for the 2016 BC Winter Games.

More than 1,200 athletes will compete in 17 different sports at venues throughout the South Okanagan.

Competitions for athletes with a disability are also included with events scheduled in basketball, figure skating and cross country skiing.

Women Grow Kootenay

Women Grow Kootenay

Women Grow: Kootenay Region Chapter held its inaugural event in Nelson on January 7th of this year– an event that brought in an all-encompassing crowd: women, men, younger folk, older folk, locals and non-locals, activists, advocates, educators, entrepreneurs, and those simply open to learning all made up the successful event of over 80 attendees on the wintery Thursday evening in the small British Columbia city.

OPINION: BC Budget Critique; How Does BC Compare?

OPINION:  BC Budget Critique; How Does BC Compare?

Petty. One word that springs to mind after last week's B.C. budget.

At best, it's a lip service budget. Tweak here, tweak there, but devoid of any real purpose.

To be sure, some were tossed a chicken wing.

But you can almost hear the minions in the backroom: “just make sure it doesn't cost us anything, the rubes will never catch on.”

Make believe money for the most hurting. One minute it's there, then poof.

More B.C. wine coming to grocery store shelves

Premier Christy Clark was showing off the BC wine that will soon be available on grocery store shelves.

Grocery stores will have the chance to bid on six opportunities to apply for a licence to sell 100 percent B.C. wine, cider and sake off grocery store shelves the BC government announced.

The right to apply for these licences will be auctioned off individually online, with staggered bidding opportunities at BC Auction.

The first round of auctions is scheduled to take place in late April, and will ensure fairness and transparency while determining the eligibility for the first six licences.

Spending to Blame for Ontario's Chronic Deficits and Massive Debt — Not a Weak Economy

Government spending is being blamed for Ontario's debt problems.

Government spending -- not slumping revenues -- is responsible for Ontario's chronic budget deficits, finds a new study released today by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank.

What's good for the B.C. Liberals may not be good for B.C. Hydro

Government is using an old NDP program to help BC mines.

One of the last things anyone would ever imagine the B.C. government doing is adopting an old NDP program, but that's exactly what Energy and Mines minister Bill Bennett did this month when he announced a five-year, $300 million hydro bill deferment plan for 13 mines owned by six companies.

There's a price to pay when B.C. Hydro becomes a political tool: the interests of ratepayers can take a backseat to political interests.

ICBC’s Hall of Shame: Cyber Fraud Files of 2015

A woman too hurt to work, but yet finds time for a game of roller derby is just one of the fraud files that is costing B.C. up to $600 million each year, or every driver more than $100 on their annual insurance policy. — Submitted photo

Some things people just can't make up.

The Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC) has released its Cyber Files Wall of Shame for 2015.

It goes from a  woman too hurt to go to work yet finds time for roller derby to a man who sets his own truck on fire then tries to make a claim to a man who completes a grueling 12-mile obstacle race despite claiming to be severely injured.

OPINION: TPP -- Forfeiting Our Health and Sovereignty?

OPINION: TPP -- Forfeiting Our Health and Sovereignty?

Are Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland's officials misleading her about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)?

Freeland signed the agreement Thursday in New Zealand, but repeated her assurances that critics shouldn't worry -- the government hasn't committed to ratifying it and consultations and a full debate will precede a vote in Parliament. That could be up to two years away.

Yet so far the consultation process has not penetrated the ideological bubble created by trade department officials.

COLUMN: From the Hill; Pipelines are a Hot Topic. An analysis.

MP Richard Cannings

Pipelines are a hot topic in Ottawa and across the country these days.  Last Wednesday the Liberals outlined their plans for a revised environmental assessment process for pipelines, and on Thursday the Conservatives put forward a motion asking the House to support the Energy East pipeline.

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