UPDATED: Can't yet walk, but takes Source/JJ's Reader Christmas Contest in a walk anyway

Kyra Hoggan
By Kyra Hoggan
January 1st, 2014


Well, your votes have been counted, and this supremely cute and creative baby photo submitted by Chantelle Sutton takes the win with a landslide 274 votes, netting a terrific kick-off to 2014 – namely, a $100 gift certificate to JJ’s Fashions!

Runner-up was Tanja Rosser Espenhain’s timely (and funny) portrayal of New Millennium Christmas with 71 votes, and Jacquelyn Gaudet-Konkin earned a solid third for her whimsical family portrait, gaining 65 votes.

Thanks to all who entered and voted, and watch for more contest from the Lone Sheep family: The Source, The Trail Champion, The Nelson Daily, The Rossland Telegraph and The boundary Sentinel.

And from our family to yours, Happy New Year – may yours be rich, safe and joyful!

Original Story:

Wow, did you all ever make this a hard decision!

Thank you so much for all your submissions (they can all be viewed below, just click on one and scroll through them like a slide show to see them all uncropped)! I used only the Facebook name of the person submitting the photo for two reasons: 1) to protect your privacy and; 2) so people could recognize you from your previous interactions on The Source.

There were just so many fun and fantastic photos, I asked some friends to help me narrow it down, and we almost had to resort to rock-paper-scissors to make the final choices. If yours didn’t make the cut, please don’t feel rejected – you contributed greatly to that warm, fuzzy holiday feeling we all so cherish.

But, as much as I’d like to choose everyone, the list had to be narrowed, and here’s what we went with (they’ll be posted on The Source’s Facebook page, and the one with the most ‘likes’ come New Year’s Day will win):

Chantelle Sutton – for sheer cuteness combined with creative composition, your photo was an obvious choice.

Jacquelyn Gaudet-Konkin – We loved the creativity in your photo as well, not to mention how much fun you all seemed to be having in posing for it.

Tanja Rosser Espenhain – As a news media outlet, we thought your photo was both amusing and captured a paradigm that was very much a part of the 2013 Christmas experience in Castlegar.

The cute factor knocked us out, too, in many submissions, like Sarah Thompson’s adorable newborn, Rebecca Vassilakaki’s hockey homage, and Chillbilly Sportfishing Charter’s Kitty photo bomb. We also wanted to give Melissa Morrissey honourable mention for so capturing the heart of Christmas in her photo.

Thank you all for participating – now head to our Facebook page (click here) and cast your vote!

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